from Medical Associates Hospital

The Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Associates Hospital, Dr. Michael Banbury was arrested on Monday Feb. 15th 2016, after he attended on the police at their request. Dr. Banbury is to appear in the Corporate Area Criminal Court to answer to charges of conspiracy to defraud and other fraud related charges arising out of steps taken to transfer shares in the Medical Associates Hospital, acting on the instructions of the board.


The charges against Dr. Banbury are directly connected to the dismissal of the former CEO of the Medical Associates Limited, Mrs. Simone Haynes Khouri, who Dr. Banbury was appointed by the Board to replace. Ms. Shauna-Kay Moss from Attorneys at Law Clough Long and Company, who is also the attorney representing Beulah Grace Haynes and her daughter Simone Haynes Khouri, was present during the interview between Dr. Banbury and the police. This is considered to be highly irregular and despite objection from Dr. Banbury’s attorney, the investigating officer proceeded with the interview.


The Board of Medical Associates Limited Hospital wishes to restate its absolute confidence in Dr.Banbury who was at all times carrying out the instructions of the Board and neither he nor the Board obtained any personal benefits. Some two years ago, Dr. Banbury, acting on the instructions of the Board of Medical Associates Hospital made a formal complaint to the Fraud Squad, alleging that Simone Haynes Khouri, while she occupied the position of CEO, defrauded the hospital of approximately $30 million. This was based on a forensic audit by an independent auditor.


The police did not proceed with the complaint against Mrs. Simone Haynes Khouri who according to the police did not attend the police station when summoned to do so and who we are now informed has since left the jurisdiction of the Jamaican Courts. Likewise, the Board of Medical Associates Hospital has since filed a civil claim against Mrs. Simone Haynes Khouri, in an effort to recover the sums which disappeared.


The claim could not be served on her as she was not in the island and Medical Associates Hospital therefore sought and obtained an order from the Supreme Court to publish the claim and particulars of claim against the former CEO Mrs. Simone Haynes Khouri in the daily newspapers, which was done.


Almost a year after the dismissal of Mrs. Simone Haynes Khouri, the mother of Mrs. Simone Haynes Khouri, Dr. Grace Haynes initiated a claim against Medical Associates Hospital and its Board, purporting to challenge the validity of the transfer of shares into Medical Associates Hospital. The Board of Medical Associates Hospital emphatically denies this claim. Medical Associates Hospital wishes once again to reiterate its full confidence in its CEO, Dr. Banbury, and remains confident that once the Court hears the evidence in this case he will be acquitted.